Changing your perspective changes your experience

Forget What Anyone Else Thinks. It’s about Self Empowerment!

I learned several years ago just how much the media is fueled and financed by doom and gloom headlines. “If it bleeds, it leads” was the saying I heard a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t agree more. You may not even realize the extent of troubling, negative programming you take in during an average week, but the proof is in the pudding: Garbage in, garbage out, so to speak.

There’s a very fine line between being aware and being inundated, and your mental health is affected from how much negative news programming you watch, whether you know it or not.

Look¬†Beyond Doom & Gloom Headlines, They’re Only a SMALL Part of What’s Happening In This World!

The majority of things happening in this world are actually good things! Does that feel like a lie to you? If so, then you’d better do an audit on your perspective, on what you choose to give your time to on a daily basis. Things like learned helplessness, anxiety, depression and self-doubt can easily be made stronger when you buy into a lot of the garbage that the media constantly shares.

However, there are inspiring, empowering media outlets that you can start making a habit of watching and listening to today. You just have to consciously choose better for yourself.

Being Aware is Important, But Millions of Good Things Happen Every Day!

Simply put, don’t fall into the trap of negative, hateful, ignorant pundits and folks with nothing better to talk about. This may sound harsh, but that’s only because you might not be aware of how prevalent negativity and fear mongering are in the mainstream media.

I got so tired of that crap – I knew full-well what was happening around me, but like working with negative, complaining co-workers at jobs, I said enough is enough and did something about it, just like you can once you stop making excuses and living on autopilot. I promise you that!

Some of you will understand and take this blog post with an open mind, while others may revert back to excuses and justifications on why I’m wrong in some way, shape or form – welcome to the human race.

That’s cool, and I wouldn’t expect any different.

However, I demand better for my daily programming, for my thoughts and for my life. If it was all “easy,” everyone would be doing it, and yet it is very simple when you make change a must, not just a “should.”¬†

It’s as easy as switching more time to a website like The Good News Network, or watching more empowering news, or focusing on the lessons we can take away from the most horrible events that happen in this world, flipping them from doom and gloom (as horrible as they are, of course) to something you can learn from, an event that can teach you to live your own life more fully, loving more, being more grateful and not living on autopilot if you currently are.

Fear and cynicism only hold us back – they’re toxic in many ways, so it takes the guts to not be like the people around you who think that way – don’t feed into the toxicity.

Demand better!

That’s where it all began for me, and that’s why I made it through some of my harshest moments in life. I told negativity and doom/gloom thinking exactly where to go, but I don’t swear here, so you get the point.

Enough was enough. I knew I was meant for more and I acted on my inner desire to transcend that way of thinking.

Feel free to re-read that last sentence as much as you may need to.

In purpose,