Seeing That There’s a Better Way Took Time and Actually WANTING More for My Life, Despite Exhaustion and Frustration

This is a crucial point to mention for anyone out there who feels exhausted, frustrated with themselves and like there simply isn’t a way out because of failures from the past and the feeling that you’re a failure….

  • That is NOT the truth, as much as it might feel like it is.

I’ve been there on many, many occasions, trying a ton of things and having very few of them actually work. As it turns out, that’s part of the journey, even when it feels frustrating beyond all belief, since it’s a process of teaching you what works, what doesn’t, and it’s teaching you about yourself, regardless of your age. Life seems to have lessons constantly coming our way – lessons that can break our hearts and lessons that can bring us incredible joy.

Changing How You Think About Things

This is different for each of us, since we all come from different backgrounds and experiences. However, concepts such as growth mindset, positive self-talk, self-compassion and learning to re-frame how we look at ourselves, people around us and the world itself are incredibly powerful – they’re life-changing, in fact (for better or for worse, since we form a lot of our reality based on our daily thought-processes and behavior patterns). No, I’m not a psychologist or trained therapist, but I’ve spent a lot of hours in sessions with them, so I know what I’m talking about here.

I began to change the way I looked at things after briefly going on welfare in 2003, moving into my own 1-room basement apartment that had 2 other rooms in the basement of a house (three of us lived downstairs, each with our own room and a shared downstairs kitchen and laundry room). It was in this room that I began to study the work of people like Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar and other “motivational speakers,” so to speak.

…it was truly life-changing, and I don’t mean all of it. I mean the fact that I took something from each of those people (and others) that “spoke” to me inside – I listened to their courses on brain training, self-compassion and the tools for successful people from Brian Tracy (another successful person who offered audio courses and workbooks) for free, getting them off the internet and studying the hell out of them. That isn’t all, though….it wasn’t that easy, for anyone who might be saying “Aah – sure. Jeff listened to motivational speakers and changed his life. What a load of crap.” 

But Wait…

  • No crap, no bullshit here, folks. Just because I listened to the courses over and over (and over again), that wasn’t what made the biggest difference. Those courses and teachings played a part in the bigger picture of my life’s progress. They laid a foundation of eye-opening that would continue – the thirst to change my reality by changing how I think. THAT was the biggest lesson in all this: realizing that I DID have the control and power over changing how my brain thinks about my day to day life, who I am and what I want to do with my life.

….I was FAR from out of the woods at that point. In fact, 7 years later, I would go on to attempt suicide.

To be continued in part 2