Just made a fresh cup of coffee at 5 a.m. here in Panama City Beach, Florida (my very first time to Florida), and I wanted to share some thoughts – its been a while. This post won’t be published until later this morning, but as I sit here in our condo living room during the dark, early hours of the morning, I feel the need to update my faithful readers on a few things…

Beyond ADHD: Relevant for Years to Come

I had it pointed out to me recently that Beyond ADHD is a book that will be relevant and crucial in society for many years to come (for several reasons). It felt very good to hear that, and I hope this book, the one that put me on the map in the literary world, which I’m forever grateful for, will help many, many people from numerous walks of life to be armed with knowledge that digs much deeper than is the norm. I also want people across the world to be inspired by my story related to the mental health system and overcoming some huge inner battles.

Book Two: Inspirational Memoir

Book Two will be an inspirational memoir, a much more complete telling of key points of my life’s journey than Beyond ADHD offered. I’m digging deeply into my past, taking you by the hand and leading you into my world – battles, hopes, romance and nostalgia do a dance with despair and tragedy that plays out in front of my eyes (and a lot more).

There will be an underlying message of faith that comes across in my memoir. In hindsight, faith has kept me going throughout this journey, especially during the darkest moments, including my suicide attempt in 2011 and committing myself to the local hospital in January of 2013.

Twitter: Building a Global Community of Amazing People!

Twitter is where I began, and over the last 5 years my account has grown to more than 1.25 million people strong! I’m incredibly grateful for the empowering support that people from all walks of life have offered (and how I’ve been able to help others through sharing openly on a regular basis, which has given me new purpose and a huge sense of gratitude). I aim to keep going and growing the community of support, inspiration and empowerment to new levels in years to come, brick by brick.

OK – Back to my first-ever trip to Florida (I love it here!). Time to check out the local aquatic center for swim workouts. Stay tuned for more in coming weeks and months! In the meantime, if you haven’t joined me on Twitter, come on by! I can be found here.

Yours in purpose and gratitude,