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It’s Wild How the Worst Moments Can Give Birth to a New Mission That Changes Everything

My Brother Ryan passed away on June 24, 2008. It was devastating to say the least. It still haunts me, in fact. It always will.

This coming Sunday (September 10, 2017) is World Suicide Prevention Day, so I decided to write about it, about how I was saved twice with the help of medical professionals and therapists (not to mention something within me that simply wouldn’t give up, as ready as I was to end my life through despair and rage/exhaustion over inner battles that kept me in self-sabotage for many years). I’m a success story, and more stories like mine need to be shared with the world – they need to be seen, heard and shared in a way that’s loud, proud and human. After all, we aren’t robots – people need to see others making it through battles and coming out the other side to believe there’s always hope, no matter how bad things might look at any given moment.

Nothing is Taken for Granted Anymore (Though I’m Human, I Confess)

I’m human, so I take things for granted from time to time, but I’m always reminded in one way or another that life is incredibly precious, that I’m mortal and that some things are beyond our control, so life can throw curve balls our way. How we deal with each curve that comes along is definitely the difference-maker. I know that more than ever as I look back on my first forty years on this planet.

I now see the world very differently – I want to become more of a global citizen, to travel and see different lands, cultures and how people live life on a daily basis. Before that, however, a book tour is about to start for Beyond ADHD, which was officially released on September 1st, I’m incredibly proud to announce.

It’s going to be so deeply touching to return to my hometown as an author doing book signings literally blocks from the hospital where I committed myself just over four years ago, the same hospital where my dead brother’s body was brought in the summer of 2008, and yes, the same hospital where we both stayed in the locked psychiatric unit in 2008 and 2011, respectively.

I swear that my story reads like a movie script, and I don’t mean that in a “cocky” way – its been that intense of a roller-coaster ride with one hell of an underdog story that emerges.

Together We Can (and Will) Save Lives When We Speak Out Bravely!

I’m about to reach an audience of over 900,000 people on my Twitter account this weekend, and I’m constantly humbled by the experiences, the support and the kindness of others across the world. I share very openly and vulnerably at times, and I promise to continue doing just that – sharing bravely so that people out there will be inspired, feel like they aren’t alone in these struggles and have someone to remind them that there is ALWAYS hope, breath by breath, brick by brick and lesson by lesson when we refuse to give up, getting help as many times as we need to, growing bit by bit through every challenge and every experience.

Hear me roar….I have a beast within, a fire that’s fiercely committed to devoting the rest of my professional life to causes like this.

Yours in fierce purpose, growth mindset, self-compassion and gratitude,