Yes – it CAN be done. I never said it would be easy, but it sure as hell is worth it! The above photo shows the Twitter community of over a half-million followers (or friends, as I much prefer) that I have built over the last three and a half years through sheer passion, determination to make a difference and commitment through hell and good times alike. It took a lot of courage to come out publicly with my story, but it (frankly) saved me. Oh, such irony…

Man on a Mission (Showing Others That The Worst Times Can Give Birth To New, Life-Changing Purpose!)

After going through some horrible despair, my Brother Ryan’s suicide in 2008 and my own mental health diagnosing journey from 2010 to 2016, I knew I was onto something massive here – with my first book coming out this August (Beyond ADHD), I’m just getting started – my team and I are in the middle of planning fundraisers, book tours and speaking tours as well. I already feel like I’ve hit the jackpot!

It’s heavy, intense and sometimes exhausting work that I do from 6 or 7 in the morning to late in the afternoon (and often into the evening), but I knew that to make my own way and avoid a standard “9 to 5 life” I’d have to be willing to put in fierce levels of work ethic and commit to this mission 400 percent. Now, I’m looking to step out from behind my laptop and get out there in public.

So many people need to see my example of overcoming some horribly dark challenges – not just me, though (obviously) – we need a ton of leaders to stand up, to speak out and be openly vulnerable about their own challenges in mental health and other aspects of life for the sake of the greater good. I’m only one guy – there’s much more strength in numbers, as we know.

My hope is to inspire many in different ways, a few of which will hopefully carry the torch I’ve lit and absolutely run with it, to throw their own pebble into the “ocean of humanity” and create their own ripples of hope, support and awareness/resourcefulness. I KNOW it can be done. Heck – I’m living proof of it.

I Experienced¬†A System That’s Badly Broken and Decided To Speak Out

I’m by no means saying that I’ve got all the answers – that’s a given. However, how do any of us bring change in society? From the ground up – awareness must be raised in areas that need evolving, support and innovation, and it all begins with dialogue. Whether it’s bridging the gaps between my stay in the psych ward and support services as an outpatient, or increasing holistic wellness awareness and initiatives in our communities (and offering incentives to corporations that implement it) or anything else for that matter, we must face what isn’t working and what needs fixing. Surely we can summon the courage to actually face humanity over profits alone? I know there are solutions here.

The more we join in becoming aware, having empathy for others and learning to show compassion (both to ourselves and others), the further we’ll go and grow in global societies. A lofty goal, I realize. I’m not naive. However, I smashed through the garbage of having a fixed, negative mindset and taught myself to focus on having a growth mindset very¬†stubbornly. That saved me – that made me a force for good, which has brought me relationship, career, financial and spiritual (in no particular order) success in a short amount of time.

From the darkest moments we can develop massively strong and self-aware foundations of courage, vulnerability and purpose that can turn our lives around. From the psych ward (suicidal for the second time) in 2013 after decades of battles within to signing a book deal, being the world’s largest account on Twitter for my subject matter and being on the verge of a new career as a public speaker with several books to come four years later = Proof that you and I must NEVER. GIVE. UP.

Yours in fierce purpose (and I mean fierce, going all-in on my strengths with on-going self-care for balance),