Photo: Beyond ADHD Author Jeff Emmerson back in 2009 after a class at college. The next year he had his first panic attack and his journey through the mental health system began.

Nothing Could Be More Important (Even Though It’s Scary Sometimes)!

Make no mistake – asking for help can be one of the scariest things you and I will ever do, but the lessons in self-growth that come from moments like these have the power within them to shape us for the better, to literally help us break through the thought and behavior patterns that have played a huge role toward current challenges we might be facing.

Asking for help saved my life, in fact. I know that much for sure.

You Have To Take The First Step – That’s Rule Number One

In life, our comfort zone is what pushes us to “stay small,” to not take chances and to keep telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough to do big things in life (whatever big things means to each of us, whatever our hopes and goals are). That same comfort zone that feels all warm and safe is also a trap. Once I started getting this through my head (and heart), I gradually pushed myself to take steps outside of my own comfort zone.

Thank God I did, because bit by bit, baby step by baby step I was discovering that there’s way more to this life and my own abilities than I could have known if I’d chosen to simply stay small and hide in the zone. I would have tragically settled for less in life – a certain recipe for inner disaster.

The Hardest Struggles Teach Us The Most – Be Gentle On Yourself! You’re Learning…

No matter what your inner voice says, listen to this statement:

You are WAY stronger than you think.

Even if you might not believe that right now, it’s a fact. I have walked this walk myself, from losing my Brother to suicide to being in jail many years ago, to committing myself in 2013, to a lot more over the last few decades (such as being put on NINE psychiatric medications over the course of a three-year period, which really messed with my head).

The irony is that it all needs to start with you – getting help is a choice you make for yourself or someone you love if you see you or they need it. The reality is that you can’t make someone get help if they don’t want to. I learned that in my Brother’s death at the age of thirty-three.

You are NOT alone, even if depression is lying to you, telling you that you are and that no one can help you. That’s a lie – I faced it in my own life, got the hell into the emergency room (and the psych ward 2 years later when I needed help again) and decided to stop, take a breath and get help. After all, if I’m dead, I’m not helping anyone, myself included. I cause a world of hurt that people around me will forever be haunted by (again – I can speak to this personally due to my Brother’s suicide…you never get over it completely. It haunts a part of you for the rest of your life).

Becoming a force for good with nearly half a million Twitter followers started with waving the white flag and opening up to an emergency room nurse (as well as several therapists over time).

KEEP GOING. If I would have quit on myself, I wouldn’t be here, realizing my dreams as a published author and speaker on my way to reaching millions.

Yours in fierce purpose,