(Jeff recently reached 200,000 followers on Twitter, a social network he’s worked very hard to develop organically since late 2013. He is also now verified by Twitter, which is another hard-earned milestone toward becoming a globally-recognized voice for ADHD and personal development).

Like many, you probably want success in life. I know all about wanting something – I know how it feels to literally be able to taste it, to feel it running through your veins, your heart and your soul, you want it so bad. I had a mission I was on, one that lasted well-over a decade, one that directly ended up driving me to a suicide attempt out of racing thoughts, self-sabotage and utter despair.

Success in life means different things to different people. You already know that.

I still need to keep an eye on myself, to be honest with how intensely I’m pursuing my goals. My wife is amazing at recognizing when I’m becoming “too driven” for my own good. I’m already on blood pressure medication due to heredity and training like a maniac in the gym since the age of 14 with weights, even using anabolic steroids at one point as I pursued becoming a competitive bodybuilder.

Wow, the lessons….sigh. At least I’m learning them, though! That’s all that matters, and now I’m living a very successful life of balance and gratitude.

Just as I didn’t know the 50-plus things commonly misdiagnosed as “ADHD,” as over 90 percent of people still don’t (to put it mildly), I didn’t realize the toll that being “too driven” would have on my health and my quality of life in various areas. It takes going through things to learn, and as long as we do, we’re successful, but the idea is to try and learn most key lessons before we’re too old, so we can put them to good use toward more success and fulfillment. As simple as that sounds, it isn’t. We have to work at self-awareness on a daily basis, being gentle on ourselves as we go.

Life IS About The Journey (You Must Learn to Accept This. I Sure Had To!)

Moments can break us down where we feel like giving up at times. No doubt about it. The crucial factor in a person’s life is the decisions they make during these moments. My Brother Ryan isn’t here to have a second chance because he succeeded at killing himself eight years ago.

On the other hand, I’m enjoying the success I have in my life¬†today, the personal vindication and fulfillment due to the fact that I stopped myself from going all the way during my own suicide attempt. As dramatic as that sounds, I chose a very intense example to show you that every day decisions impact our entire lives, often more than we realize at the time.

Learning to make a habit of stopping, taking a few deep breaths and being gentle on yourself can make the difference between pushing yourself further on the treadmill of anxiety versus stepping back for a second and recognizing that you need to enjoy the moment, not just the idea of “someday when you get there.”

It’s natural to want success in your life, but be careful what you wish for…

Trust me on this – “that day” may never come, and you might be wishing away the here and now, with loved ones and friends in your midst who might not be here tomorrow. You and I have to wake up and get the hell off of autopilot.

Been there, done that (and learned these lessons).