“As scary as it was along the way, deciding to open up about my struggles with mental health became the perfect “channel,” one which breathed ferociously determined breath back into my life when I feared all was lost.”

– Jeff Emmerson, pictured here with a copy of Beyond ADHD, which took him years to write through hell and back.

My Mission Was Born From Tragedy and Despair

The thing is that you can’t know what courage, strength and wisdom you’ll gain from the worst moments – the despair, the self-doubt, the failures that are part of life and yes – the tragedies – until you live through them and decide to take strong lessons from each and every experience after the dust settles. I speak from intimate experience here – our comfort zones can “lull” us to sleep in ways, preventing us from taking actions that would greatly improve our lives.

You Are Stronger Than You Think – So Am I!

As I type this blog post, I’m about to do my first-ever public speaking event next week. It’s a fundraiser for the children’s mental health unit of the hospital I was driven to after my suicide attempt (2011) and the hospital I committed myself to for two weeks in 2013 after again preparing to attempt suicide.

I am incredibly humbled, grateful and inspired to speak at the event, but my anxiety has been fairly high as well, even though I have prepared a lot for it (you can only prepare so much – once you’re standing in front of the crowd of people looking at you, that’s where it all comes down to stepping up and owning it).

I’m going to go through with it, nail it and be gentle on myself, remembering that the people sitting there are interested in mental health, or they wouldn’t be there. The amazing part is that I’m going to feel completely amazing after its done! I have no doubt I’ll be addicted to sharing my inner passion on stage for such a crucially important cause.

You’re Only Going To Become Stronger!

Sure – not all risks pay off the way we’d like them to. However, that’s all part of life. After all, the most successful people are those who don’t give up on themselves, those who keep pushing through with self-compassion and a thirst for life lived on their terms. We all want joy, abundance, love, purpose and meaning, not to mention some form of significance.

When you were a child, you took risks, tested boundaries and became wiser and more knowledgeable as a result of trying new things. The same goes for us at every age in life – regardless of how young or old you might be right now, there are new chapters to experience, new pages to turn in your life and new things to experience.

Nothing stays the same forever (which I used to be sad about at times, before learning to move on from the past in a healthy way), so we know there’s always hope – as long as we keep going, being grateful for the simple things we often take for granted while doing what we love and leading our own passions, whatever they may be.

You don’t have to change the world – simply try new things here and there! As you go, remember to be gentle on yourself and be proud for each mini victory over allowing the comfort zone to put you in a trance while precious time passes.

My very best to you as you continue on your path!