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As I just said on Twitter: “Don’t shrink yourself down to please others. Destroy that self-limitation & transcend fear/perfectionism – it will change your life.”

Success takes courage – if you aren’t doing anything, no one’s saying anything

What the title above means is that whenever we aim high in life, we’re going to have people who doubt and sometimes act like “trolls,” making comments that are red flags for their own lack of self-worth and esteem. When you’re inspired to take your own road in life, whatever it is, it’s easy to feel scared, overwhelmed and afraid that you won’t be good enough. These are all lies, however. What do I mean?

Key Ingredients for Overcoming Fear and Smashing Through Self-Doubt

Number one: Don’t allow others to limit your vision. Yes, we need to be open to constructive suggestions from others when they offer us lessons for improving, but be very careful to consider the source and the motivation when people offer you their two cents.

To be able to achieve success and inner fulfillment in life, working on a strong sense of self, identity and confidence in who you are is a crucial. This is an on-going journey for all of us, and none of us are the same, so be careful about comparing yourself to others too much. Sure – take what you like from any person you admire and look up to, but remember that they’re also human, just like you. They aren’t super-human, even though it might seem like they live a “perfect” life. I guarantee you that their reality has its ups, downs and everything in between. However, they likely make consistent daily decisions that got them to the successful place they’re living in.

Also remember that who you surround yourself with is absolutely huge for growth toward a strong sense of inspiration, motivation and faith in your purpose and vision. I learned long ago that I had to let go of certain friends (as much as I cared for them and always will) because their thought and behavior patterns were literally putting me in danger of getting into trouble in any number of ways. This wasn’t easy to accept, since I only had a couple real, true friends, but I had to do what I had to do for my own future, and I did it – I changed my life.

Finally – be open to some goals not working out. Letting go of dreams can be a gut-wrenching, scary experience (I battled my own mental health with learning to let go with one particular mission I was on), but sometimes, when one door closes, new doors open that you can’t even imagine – doors that bring you to new goals and a new life that will absolutely blow your mind, perhaps (as happened to me). Keep faith in yourself, no matter what!

This is Your Life, So Live It On Purpose!

Rest well, work hard day in and day out, and know deep inside that no matter what challenges come your way, you’re still breathing, so not only is there still hope, you’re learning from every single experience that comes your way. When you make the decision to demand better daily programming that isn’t constant negative garbage as we see a lot in the headlines, you’re setting yourself up for a better life. Here’s a video I just filmed that addresses this exact topic. Check it out!

Keep going! I promise to continue to be a freight train for empowerment, inspiration and gratitude, so come back soon and join me on Twitter if you haven’t already!