What If You Were Told You Have One Week To Live?

This is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can possibly share, though it comes with a bit of fine print. To some degree we have to care what others think. Obviously you and I need to do good, be empowering to others and be good human beings. That’s a given (or it should be). However, leadership requires just that – leading, which isn’t always warm and fuzzy. Leading means you have to figure out how to not care what others think all the time, and instead blaze your own trail.

Just look at my Twitter timeline from time to time. I share a ton of feel-good, inspirational content that helps people, but I also find it very important to be a “disruptor” at times for the sake of awareness when it comes to certain topics I’m well-versed in.

If I was told I’ve got one week to live, I might do a couple things on my bucket-list, but other than that, I’m happy. I’m damn driven, damn satisfied and damn grateful for the journey I’ve lived out at the age of 40. I’m serious. No bullshit, no lies.

It took staring death in the face and one heck of a lot of inner battles to get here, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that in the end, I have to live this life my own way, making no compromises on what’s most important (though being open to learning – always). It took some severe dues paid to arrive here, though I have a lot I want to still achieve and enjoy, and that’s the way it should be! Life doesn’t stop at 40, after all. In fact, it’s really just beginning for me in ways!

Always Learning, Always Growing (Pain Teaches Us The Most)

I know life can be vicious in the moment. I’ve always been a sensitive, deep thinker and feeler, ever since early childhood. I get it. However, I also know that a split-second decision can literally end everything, which might feel like a relief in the moment, but prevents you from enjoying decades of amazing life that you wouldn’t be around for (this is me looking back on my 2011 suicide attempt).

On a less-severe note, self-confidence is what’s needed for you to be successful and realize goals in any area of life. Depending on your past, who you associate with and your daily programming (what you routinely watch on TV, online and elsewhere) can make you feel anxious and/or depressed, as well as doubtful about your abilities through endless comparison to others.

A lot of what’s on TV and in the media is GARBAGE. You may try to justify watching it to “be informed,” but when you watch too much of it, you can easily fall into thinking like many others do, which isn’t a good thing. What I’m saying is that if you feel a deep passion for living a full, rewarding life, you’ve got to develop thick skin and set out on your path courageously. Challenges, mistakes and pain along the way teaches us what to watch out for, to avoid, and what to work on within ourselves. Learn from the signs your life is giving you.

Figure Out How to Not Care What Others Think. Do It Your Way.

(No One Size Fits All) – Take Action!

You’re lucky enough to be born during the era where the internet is available. As much as people might be more anxious, stressed and connected 24/7, the opportunities around you are absolutely phenomenal, though you’ve got to keep an open mind and work hard to achieve anything, so be gentle on yourself and forget what others think — just do it your way.

Learning never stops, and none of us know it all, so keep going on your journey, taking regular time to sit (or walk) with yourself, feeling what inspires and motivates you. I’m a published author now, but I’m always open to expanding through new projects, partnerships and opportunities.

It takes guts to stubbornly stick to what you believe in. Sometimes, letting go to move on to “plan b” or another way to achieve is crucial (as I learned the hard way), but other times, the first plan works with enough years of effort, faith and support. Be gentle on yourself and keep going, whatever path you choose!

This is a journey, remember. A JOURNEY.

No sense being in a rush to get anywhere. Be in this for the long-game. I’m in this ’till God cuts the lights. This makes us forces for good.

Yours in purpose, consistent action and gratitude,