growth mindset vs fixed mindset

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First Things First – Learning How Mindset Affects Our Lives

I talk a lot on Twitter about the benefits of having a growth mindset and how the never-ending will to keep going (even through a suicide attempt which I stopped before losing consciousness) helped me completely change my life, going from decades of inner and outer struggles to a life of achieving my dreams and becoming a global voice for mental health and personal development.

It’s no coincidence that I became successful after doing some major work in therapy both on my own and with trained professionals – I learned the keys to breaking through my own self-imposed limitations and thriving in life (on my terms, might I add – I have taken a road far less traveled than the average person, and I’d have it no other way, as hard as it’s been at times).

Who Do You Surround Yourself With?

You’ve got access to the internet, so guess what – you’ve also got access to any kind of support structure you can imagine. Facebook groups, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites have within them a ton of information on empowerment, the psychology of success and working through challenges in life. If you feel like the people in your family aren’t supportive and encouraging in ways you feel would help your growth, you’ve always got other options around you. Surrounding yourself with people who are also determined and driven to be successful in life is a must.

I once heard a saying that “who you surround yourself with is who you become.” That makes a lot of sense, so be careful who you invest your time and energy in. More than once I’ve had to say goodbye to a close friend when it became clear that they were headed down a dark path and I couldn’t help (as much as I was trying). Don’t ever apologize for doing what you have to do for your own self-growth and health.

No Matter What Happens, Develop Your Growth Mindset To Become Unstoppable

Going all-in on your strengths suggests that you already know your biggest strengths – don’t be frustrated if you don’t yet know your top strengths and abilities. That can take a lot of living and experience to figure out! The key is to keep going and “listening” to what motivates you, what inspires you and what you find you enjoy doing.

Take me, for instance: I didn’t know until the age of 37 that I wanted to become globally known as a social media voice for mental health (after my ADHD misdiagnosis and continued struggles). It’s been one hell of a battle, but with support along the way, I was inspired to give back by sharing my struggles very openly and vulnerably, ultimately signing a book deal in June of 2016 for my up-coming book entitled Beyond ADHD.

It turned out that my strengths include building audiences, inspiring others and motivating them to improve their own lives through the psychology of achievement. Now I’m all-in, doing the work to build my global platform day in and day out, never forgetting where I came from. I’m the world’s single-biggest voice as a man wrongly diagnosed with ADHD on Twitter, for example.

Do NOT give up – become your own force for good, whatever comes your way!