finding your voice

Yes, There Is Hope for You (And All Of Us!)

I admit it – the world is getting louder and louder in ways. That’s why it’s necessary to carve out time for yourself and the ones you care for – regularly. As someone who works on the internet all day, I feel the addiction to social media and building my author platform bigger and bigger each day, but I realize that I must take a step back every day as well.

The same goes for all of us in this global society. Whether or not you work online, many of us have phones at our sides all the time, which makes the potential for addiction to constant stimulation very, very high.

The first step to finding your voice is in knowing yourself, in spending time with yourself – time that isn’t distracted constantly, so you can really look inside and get to know yourself, not simply be a “mouse on a treadmill” who is constantly pulled in whichever direction the mass media and social media world pulls you.

This can be a lost art for younger people these days, but we’re all susceptible to technology’s grasp.

Learning Not To Think Like Everyone Else (Be Yourself!)

Forming your own internal (and external) voice takes time, experience and definitely courage. What I mean by learning not to think “like everyone else” is to learn the concept that thinking and feeling different than “the crowd” or “the norm” isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can be an amazing thing when it’s in a positive, empowering way (as opposed to a violent or hateful one, of course).

No matter how old you are, the great thing is that if you choose to, you can keep growing in your voice, in your perspective and your faith in humanity, despite the often-negative news headlines that sell newspapers and ratings in television. Once you begin to question the constant negative inundation on the news and elsewhere, a new way presents itself – one where you and I focus on empowerment, on growing within ourselves to be of service to this world in a positive way.

There will always be challenges and sad stories. We should care deeply about anyone who is suffering, but we also need to remind ourselves not to wallow in depressed feelings about this world, since millions of amazing, inspiring things happen every single day as well! You just don’t see them nearly as much, since society has largely been conditioned to watch shocking, negative headlines.

When You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change

This is a direct quote from the late, amazing Dr. Wayne Dyer, a man who had a major impact on me as I was going through some very hard times in the early 2000’s. He was right. I’m proof of it. The more frustrated and angry I became as a result of the thoughts I was choosing to focus on day in and day out, the worse things gradually went for me.

Only through some major work in therapy both on my own and with professionals was I able to find my true voice and summon the courage to see things differently, to see the massive opportunities around me (that the internet played a large role in, ironically) and begin to capitalize on them.

You see? The internet can be a source of anxiety, anger, hate and depressing headlines, or you can choose to turn that into empowerment, courage, support and massive potential for making others feel better, as well as yourself in the process. That’s just one example of how you begin the journey to finding your voice amid all the noise… it can be tricky at times, especially if noise is all you hear, but YOU can decide to change that by focusing only on what you want more of and setting limits for yourself on how long you’re in front of a screen.

You may have forgotten just how much control you ultimately have in how your day goes, both emotionally and physically.