Books can be mentors that change us, helping us grow.

I’m in love with my Kindle, but I also love audio books and good old paper books, so apply this post to whatever format works for you – don’t get caught up on the method…focus on the message!

Mentors Are Crucial For Success (No Matter Your Age)!

I’m grateful to my own mentors for teaching me the importance of learning from others who have come before us. I’ve learned from people like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Tai Lopez, Wayne Dyer, countless PhD’s and others who have been successful in their respective fields over the last fifteen years.

Despite some of the issues and challenges I’ve faced, my life is better because of the things I’ve learned from people who have shared how they did what they did and their blueprints for success.

We can definitely have mentors who are in person and alive, but remember that many experts may no longer be living, so treat their books like mentors in themselves, I suggest, taking what resonates with your life right now, while tossing the rest aside. That’s exactly what I do.

I’m Where I Am Today Because Of Putting In The Work To Grow My Knowledge

When I made the decision to go on welfare very briefly and move into my own apartment in 2002 (I was going through a hard inner struggle to put a long story short), my thirst for changing my life and bettering myself was ferocious, like a freight train within me that was screaming to come out, to burst down the train tracks with the engine on full-speed.

I had a lot of struggles to come, but listening to audio courses, watching videos on the psychology of success and reading biographies from people I admired were very powerful, like planting seeds of self-growth that would be harvested later on in my life. I was always a “dreamer,” a boy who had big dreams and a man hell-bent on making them come to life.

My own mental health became a massive issue along the way (as explained in my up-coming book entitled Beyond ADHD), but again: Putting in the time learning strategies and perspectives on the world from successful people was never a waste of time, regardless of what phase of life I was in, now that I think of it, looking back.

Consistent Habits Are The Key Between Successfully Changing Your Life

I realize that what I’m saying here isn’t “rocket science,” yet it’s so crucially important to return to the basics when we find ourselves facing challenges in life, and every single day, really. Life will always throw us curve balls that will grab our attention in a big way, but no matter what happens around us, as hard as it may feel at times, we must remember that what we focus on can make or break us as far as a sense of hope, progress and gratitude is concerned, leading to more success in each area of life we choose to improve, one day at a time.

I made the mistake of having the belief that I could achieve my dreams quickly, which isn’t the case – it takes years of hard work, day in and day out to achieve pretty much anything as far as career goals are concerned. I’m a late-bloomer of sorts, and I say that very openly, sharing some of my hardest, most intense struggles and what has ultimately helped me break through limiting beliefs and behavior patterns.

I do this to help others know that you simply aren’t alone in self-doubt, frustration, sometimes-despair and depression at times, as well as anxiety. These are part of being human, but imagine if you and I had the power to make a difference in our own lives through our daily thoughts? Just imagine the power that would have.

You do. So do I. There will always be hard times that come, and we’re all human, so none of us will ever be perfect, but let go of trying to be and keep growing – take a chance on yourself, invest heavily in learning about yourself, beyond what you might have heard others say, beyond who you thought you were five years ago….have the courage to ask yourself this question:

“What if I’m far more capable than I’ve given myself credit for? – What if I decided to make self-growth a daily habit, bit by bit, challenging myself to stand proudly, despite my past mistakes, shame and frustration?”

  • The past is not the future, unless you choose to stay there. It can take time to break free from self-sabotage through thought and behavior patterns, but keep going, one day at a time. Keep. On. Going. That is all that matters, and that takes courage.

Read about people who inspire you, who make you feel like you can live a life of purpose and do so happily. Let mentors guide you as you learn and grow in this life. Thank God I did, even when I had a criminal record, terrible credit and flunked out of university…thank God I did after my suicide attempt.

You see?

Never stop, no matter what life throws at you. The tools you will gain when you really buy-into the psychology of deeper self-insight will help transform you if you let them.