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Beyond ADHD audio book



Buy Beyond ADHD audio book on Amazon

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“A beautiful amalgam of lived experience and first rate science writing. Helpful
and inspiring for those who suffer with ADHD; essential for those who need
protection from misdiagnosis and careless drug prescriptions.”

– Allen Frances, MD, DSM-IV Task Force; and professor emeritus, Duke University School of Medicine

“Courageous, tenacious, smart, and full of a hockey goalie’s all-star heart,
Jeff Emmerson probes behind the slogans and labels to get at the truth.
A man on a mission, Jeff does the world of ADHD a great service with this book.”

– Edward Hallowell, MD, author of Driven to Distraction and many other books;
Founder of The Hallowell Centers; host of the weekly podcast Distraction

“Your book is right on target for me as I have a teenage daughter who was recently diagnosed.”

~ P. Dixon

“Sooo interested in your book! I am a teacher, so INSPIRATION is key in my life. Go for it!”
~ S. Johnson

Good luck on your new book #beyondADHD – it’s gonna be a #bestseller
~ Ingrid H.