Beyond ADHD Author Jeff Emmerson with his wife and the CEO of the Grand River Hospital Foundation shortly after he presented as the guest speaker at the event to support children’s mental health on June 6th, 2017.

I Started Over From Nothing (Inside), From Committing Myself to a Locked Mental Health Unit

I’ll tell you this: you’re stronger than you think (when you have to be). I sure as heck thought I was strong as a young man – I lifted many thousands of pounds in the gym from the age of 14 years old into my twenties and beyond, and I overcame some huge mistakes (learning lessons in disguise) over those years (and beyond) as well, but a much deeper level of courage and inner strength only came as a result of going through tragedy, an identity crisis, my suicide attempt, committing myself two years later and doing a lot of therapy to unlock the reasons for my thought and behavior patterns. It took time. Time, self-compassion, support from people around me and my own willingness to change what needed to be changed to finally “make it” in life.

Remember: Growth Takes Taking Risks (Lessons Always Come From Every Chance You Take!)

I watched a baby robin take its first flight out of the nest this morning. I felt like a proud father, hoping to God that the bird would be OK, that it would safely land and not hurt itself – its mother was right there when it landed to feed it, show it around the new world outside the nest and show the baby what to do next…

This is a scary, necessary part of life for us humans – no matter what age we are, how much experience we have or how much we know, there’s always fear and anxiety to some degree when trying new things, taking risks, putting yourself out into the public eye, whatever the case is. Speaking for the very first time to a crowd of 150 people last month scared the crap out of me, especially since I was sharing candid, intimate details about some of my life’s darkest moments, but I DID IT, and you know what? Though I’m scared for the next talk, I’m super-pumped to do it at the same time after the amazing feedback I had from the first talk!

Reward Yourself Each Time You Dig Deep and Overcome Your Fear! Watch What You Can Do (I’m Proof)!

A huge key to taking chances and facing your fear is rewarding yourself with each victory (each time you face a fear and work through it)! This way, you start to reinforce good feelings around taking a risk and putting yourself out there. As scared as I might be about my next public speaking event, I’m even more motivated, more pumped to overcome that fear and “step into my greatness,” leading the purpose within that’s been forged through fire, tragedy and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

You have to start somewhere – DO IT. Once you’re fed up with allowing anxiety and worry to stop you, you’ll smash through with courage and take a risk, even while trembling. I did, and now I want MORE! I showed myself that I CAN do it, and the room was quiet, staring at me, loving my honesty!

You have my full support! I promise you this: if you face your fears, if you go for it, you’ll grow from it. Lessons will emerge. You and only you can take the first step, though.