(Photo Credit: Sean Lyons)

Taking Your Life Back With Nature

Disconnect from your computer, your phone and get outside… that sounds so harsh in a way, like a parent yelling it to their child. However – there’s a lesson here that I’m coming to learn more powerfully than ever at 40¬†years of age. This is a lesson that literally adds years of life to my heart, my mind and my soul. Let me explain:

Life is More Hectic Than Ever (Thanks to Technology)

I don’t plan to have all the answers – I’m human, after all. What I do have is the knowledge and experience of having lived one heck of an intense, driven life. I say that because as I sit here, I have already had a mini-stroke and I’m on blood pressure medication, both of which gave me a sobering scare when each came about (I gave blood years ago and had a through-the-roof BP reading as I was about to give blood, and I went on the meds shortly thereafter).

I have worked out very, very intensely with weights since the age of about 14, and I have lived a battle of finding myself and proving myself up until now (see some of my prior posts – like this one – to get a better idea of what I mean).

We all face our own inner and outer challenges, and anxiety levels are increasingly higher with each passing year in the developed world. We’re in the midst of a technological revolution of sorts, after all. Massive changes are happening on an almost daily basis.

Nature is Where Self-Care and Clarity Await Us

While the weather may not be perfect all the time, and you might need to travel a bit to be in nature in some way, shape or form, the investment in yourself and the life you live is a huge one. I say this because when I’m in nature, I’m with my inner self. When I’m in nature, my thoughts are allowed to dance freely, and they have a beautiful way of working themselves out as long as I don’t try to force them.

I need to allow the noise of daily life to flow through me, to listen to the sounds around me, smell the air, see the beauty at work and trust in the fact that nature has always been a friend – though I didn’t realize its true value until now (in such a deep way).

Be kind to yourself – if you work two or three jobs, then squeak out even 15¬†minutes to regain your balance emotionally (and spiritually, for that matter) on a very regular basis. There is always a way, so long as you’re remotely able to move, or have a window nearby to gaze out.

Worst case, close your eyes and imagine a place in nature… and walk through it! Use all your senses, breathing in a deep, relaxed way, letting go of the need to control every moment for a little while. Try it…….oh, just try it.

You have the world to gain. I’m glad I learned this in a new, deeper way through health scares and fierce anxiety at times, not to mention trying to take my own life a few years back. I got help, and I speak so very openly so others out there will know that you CAN summon new courage to live on purpose, no matter how bleak things may look at any given time.

Be kind to yourself. Your time is so very precious here.

– Jeff