relaxing snow fall

Author Jeff Emmerson has always enjoyed relaxed walks with music in his ears. He took the above photo during a snowy winter walk in November, 2005.

Distraction Can Drain Your Sense of Joy and Creativity

It’s an easy trap to fall into. Current society is full of reasons for us to be stimulated to a degree that simply isn’t healthy if we aren’t continuously aware of the signs and symptoms of too much information and technology in day to day life. Obviously, this can be a challenge for some with their work schedules, family life and other factors, but we all owe it to ourselves to consciously make a choice to “re-connect” with ourselves and our friends/loved ones on a very regular basis.

As someone who works from my computer and is on a mission to build a global online platform for raising empowering awareness in the mental health and personal development realms, this practice has been incredibly crucial for my own well-being. I’ve had sleepless nights, briefly used medication to help stop the racing in my head (I stopped it and am doing much better after working on my thought-patterns and learning self-compassion) and have had panic attacks in the past. I speak from personal experience with this.

When You’re Too Distracted, You Lose Connection With Yourself

You and I can easily race forward while pursuing a goal – especially one we’re really passionate about. Trust me when I say that after forty years on this planet, I have come to realize that work ethic is great – a major catalyst in someone’s success in life, but it can also tear us apart in both physical and mental health if we don’t make regular time for self-care (a term I first heard while in the psych ward, one that I love).

Weeks and even months can go by while we “chase our goals,” but all the while, life is happening all around us. Loved ones are alive, good things are happening, and we run the risk of missing being truly in the moment if we’re constantly on our phones too much, craving the “next thing” as a way of being stimulated. Obviously, this speaks to a big-picture issue with current society: Over-stimulation from the media, greater pressures to produce at work, perform at school. and so on.

Learn To Recognize When You’re Racing (and Re-Focus Yourself With Mindfulness!)

This takes self-awareness and a strong sense of balance in a world that constantly feeds us stimulation. It’s a conscious choice to develop daily routines that keep distraction, anxiety and potentially-resulting depression away. You might not want to hear this, but none of us can run from the truth: No one can do it for us – we need to be our own best advocates in minimizing over-stimulation, eating in a healthy way and getting regular exercise of some sort.

As someone very wise once said: “Everything in moderation.”

Remember: Be good to yourself. Life isn’t a race – it is truly a journey. Learning to think for ourselves = Priceless.