This was me earlier this week, about to speak publicly for the very first time in front of a room of 150 people.

When You Commit To a Positive Cause, You Make a Difference!

I faced my fear of public speaking and just got the hell in – I lead my passion earlier this week and I can say that when you’re totally committed (despite fear), people see it, hear it and feel it! I’m very grateful to say that the room was dead-quiet as I spoke and all the eyes were upon me as I talked¬†about my struggles with mental health over the last number of years (including my brother’s suicide and my own attempt, then committing myself two years later).

The kicker?

The talk was for the very hospital my brother Ryan and I were committed to…to give back and say thank you for everything that Grand River Hospital has done for my family and myself over the years.

On a Mission To Support and Inspire Millions!

Yep – I said that…I’m aiming very high. The fact is that I know my time is limited on Earth, so why the hell wouldn’t I go for it, knowing what I do now and having lived through what I have? Knowing I’m VERY far from alone in mental health challenges in a furiously-paced, often-anxious world fuels me to be a force for good in my own way, aiming to leave as big of a ripple-effect on others as I humanly can.

I learned to ignore the naysayers, those projecting their own fears upon me by doubting I could even get a book deal for Beyond ADHD¬†and the rest of the garbage negativity (though fortunately, there hasn’t been much) and fiercely lead MY inner fire by knowing myself and staying “in my lane.” Self-awareness, optimism and a growth mindset are hard to beat. Brick By Brick, Year By Year, All-In = Force For Good.

You’ll hear me use the term “force for good” a lot, because that speaks to me, it aptly expresses how I see myself and feel deep inside, like a freight train that simply doesn’t stop. That said, I realize that longevity takes balance (of some sort), so I make sure to do my best to keep it ever-present, though “balance” is indeed a highly subjective term.

My message to you: KEEP GOING if you believe in a cause that screams within you, one that helps the world, is positive and (of course) non-violent or tearing others down in any way. Going through the worst despair, tragedy and battles has forged me into a 40-year old with immense inner courage, self-awareness, conviction and the audacity to believe (and know) that I can make a difference by being myself – real, authentic, passionate as hell and an example of what many of us can do when we have the right support and mindset.

I didn’t do it alone – none of us do. Mentors make a HUGE difference.

Now then, onto the pool for 2500 meters of laps! Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Yours in fierce purpose,

Jeff Emmerson