The handcuffs of despair that took hold of author and speaker Jeff Emmerson were years in the making, through battles and tragedy

Speaking Openly Changed Everything

What began in a very dark place full of fear, shame, despair and anxiety ended up being a massive blessing that’s given my life purpose and meaning beyond what I could have ever imagined. I’m constantly floored when I try to wrap my head around all its taken to get here, to arrive at this place of peace, clarity and renewed purpose, satisfaction and fulfillment.

I did a radio interview over the phone today, the radio station is in my hometown of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and it felt incredibly humbling to be speaking to people as a man who was in the midst of hell just four short years ago, sitting in a locked mental health unit by choice after committing myself due to again feeling suicidal (I attempted suicide in August, 2011, three years after my brother Ryan killed himself). Nine medications later and three blood pressure meds later (I’m completely med-free now after losing forty pounds and taking my health back in a big way, both physically and mentally), I literally feel as though I’ve won the lottery, I’ve changed my life around so drastically, brick by brick.

Thank you to my wife Aimee for helping me get here! Thank God for her, my Dad, for the therapists who devote their lives to helping others and to those of you (last but DEFINITELY not least) joining me in this journey of mine, of ours!

Full Circle – Tomorrow is My Hometown Book Signing

You’re so much stronger than you think – stepping into my greatness, going all-in on my abilities while learning to balance out and minimize self-sabotage has been a gradual process, but now I’m sharing it with over a million of you across this world, and I can’t begin to tell you how deeply that hits me – how sobering that is, as I look back on the road it took to get here on the evening before my “homecoming” book signing in Waterloo, Ontario at the local Indigo Chapters bookstore!

I’ll be walking on a cloud the whole day, so incredibly grateful to be where I am now, remembering what took place in the streets of the city and the nearby hospital just down the street where my brother stayed in the mental health unit in January 2008 before killing himself six months later – the same unit I committed myself to in 2013.

I’ll never fully understand the way this life works, but I’ll be damn sure to give everything I’ve got to help inspire, empower, support and motivate others to keep going as an example of a down to earth person who made a massive difference in his life’s destiny….with help along the way – not being afraid to ask for it!

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here – I’d be another tragic story.

Yours in fierce purpose and passion that screams from within,

Jeff Emmerson