Jeff Emmerson, ADHD industry disruptor

I realize I look a tad frustrated in this photo – that’s because I was. In fact, the more I’m learning about ADHD (the diagnosing and treatment methods most widely advertised in the media), the more obvious it becomes that we need people to continue speaking out over concerns with over-diagnosis, dangerous treatment and wrong diagnosis altogether.

The ADHD Industry Harms As Much As It Helps

So many things mimic ADHD that simply aren’t ruled out, and so many factors cause these symptoms in this day and age that it’s dangerous to assume ADHD is the actual root cause for 95% of the population (at least). I was diagnosed by a team in 2011 after a suicide attempt, only to discover that the actual reasons for my issues were rooted in childhood trauma and a vision issue¬†(convergence insufficiency) that isn’t tested for in most routine eye exams.

I knew I had to become a “disruptor” for digging deeper beyond ADHD as a “quick-fix” label (it should be a last-resort diagnosis).

I Started As An ADHD Industry Advocate Before I Uncovered The Truth

I started by writing for blogs and on Twitter, as well as my own blog at the time, which I eventually deleted during a panic attack in 2014, before I finally broke through my patterns and found my way to success like I’ve never known before, success which has taken me 40 years to realize.

I wrote for,, was featured on AOL’s Health (front) page a few times, and really felt like I knew my stuff when it came to the symptoms and ways to thrive with ADHD, and I know the symptoms very well, but I was still wrongly diagnosed. That’s how easy it is to be diagnosed based on a few checklists and a couple other basic tests these days, then put on very powerful medication which can have bad side-effects and even disastrous results, as this article on the “ADHD epidemic” points out (one of many such articles out there).

I Wish I Knew This While I Was In The Psych Ward!

I speak out through this blog, the Jeff Emmerson YouTube Channel, on Twitter and elsewhere, and public speaking will come in 2017 when Beyond ADHD¬†(published by Rowman & Littlefield), my first book, is on shelves and available worldwide. Stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to this blog and join me on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn if you’re there, since I have a ton to come on the ADHD industry, as well as anxiety, depression, personal development, advice for writers hoping to get published and more!

After the battles I’ve faced (many of them are explained in Beyond ADHD), my mission is to get crucial knowledge to the masses, to people just like me who care about digging deeper to self-growth and a greater sense of self-awareness, joy and understanding beyond what we’re told in the media each day.

We owe it to ourselves to disrupt things when necessary for the sake of the next generation and for the sake of people going through challenges day after day, not getting the truth and the help they actually need as a result, blinded by subjective checklists and growing inner frustration. If I help one person improve their life, then I’ve done my job.

Thank you for reading – I appreciate you, and if I’m in your area doing a book signing or speaking at some point, please be sure to say hello.

– Jeff