Some are helped while many are harmed (in a number of ways)

During my diagnosing “journey” from 2011 all the way to 2016, I was placed on nine psychiatric medications, given several diagnoses and my sense of self, my identity (which is the core of a human being’s existence to a large degree) was nearly destroyed. Not until I was assessed by a trauma specialist, Neuroscientist and vision expert did I truly see the elephant in the room when it comes to ADHD assessments and diagnostics: A TON of issues look like ADHD or ADD, but aren’t (imagine how dangerous it is to wrongly diagnose without ever getting to root causes for millions of kids and adults in today’s rushed, severely-faulty medical institutions).

I became angry –┬ávery angry. Not only was I on potentially dangerous amphetamine medication, I was wrongly diagnosed! What felt like a relief at first became a lesson that drove me to a new mission: Teach millions of parents, educators and people about what I’d learned over several years of obsessive research and digging deeper into how easily ADHD is wrongly diagnosed.

Beyond ADHD Will Open Many Eyes

I’ve covered a lot of sides in Beyond ADHD with my co-author Robert Yehling. Amazing reviews from ADHD experts such as Dr. Edward Hallowell and the Chair of the DSM-IV Task Force Dr. Allen Frances have come in (to name a couple), but don’t take their word for it – see for yourself and let me know what you think of the book!

That means a lot to me, since I’ve worked so hard with my team and numerous experts from various fields to deliver a book that has a ton of value, one that parents, adults, educators and others definitely need to read (as well as specialists in the field, frankly). Some of the research in this book will likely blow your mind (as it did mine), so the key is to take your time, re-read and take notes and take your time with the information.

Also – I want anyone who reads this book to pass it along to someone who will benefit from it, from the inspiration, research, my own story, whatever speaks to you.

Beyond ADHD Will Benefit Those With Actual ADHD! Here’s Why:

By questioning current and incredibly faulty diagnosing methods used across this world (especially in North America’s rushed, under-funded way of doing things, as well as numerous other countries) and reaching as many people as I humanly can over time, a shift will occur. We’ll all think of ADHD as a last-resort diagnosis, so those in charge of assessments will (hopefully) do a lot more digging into the lifestyles, habits, family history, trauma assessment, vision, brain injury and several other areas that need to be explored before even thinking ADHD.

I’ve heard so many stories of people diagnosed by only a single doctor (or without ruling much else out at all) that my head has spun with frustration over the last few years. This simply isn’t good enough, and it’s dangerous for many reasons as well. Perhaps I’ll do a post about that exact topic – I would have a field day with it, believe me (having experienced this first-hand).

Thank you for reading! Be sure to order your copy of Beyond ADHD today for yourself, your co-workers, a loved one or anyone in need of an inspirational story of major struggles combined with a ton of crucial information on the bigger picture of ADHD.

Yours in purpose,

Jeff Emmerson