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Ten Years Ago Today Everything Changed (Tragedy Struck)

June 24th, 2018|0 Comments

Photo: Ryan Emmerson, the brother of mental health author, advocate and startup founder Jeff Emmerson. Ryan committed suicide on this day ten years ago. He is dearly missed. I had just started a night shift [...]

How Do You Join The Mental Health Movement?

June 23rd, 2018|0 Comments

Mental Health Advocacy: Easier Than You Think As I said on Twitter earlier this morning: That's the bottom-line, really. Being a mental health advocate can be as simple as deciding to speak openly with people [...]

  • Many recommend teaching mental health in schools. Now 2 states will require it

Schools and Mental Health Education: 2 States Now Require It By Law

June 22nd, 2018|0 Comments

It's about time that schools across all ages taught about mental health and ways to thrive through challenges by seeking help in any number of ways, knowing that it's not just OK to ask for [...]